MUSCAT: AMA Education System (AMAES) is again given the opportunity to broaden its horizons, sharpen its vision and mission, touch the lives of people from all walks of life, and meet head-on the challenges of this technologically advanced century, and this time, in the Sultanate of Oman. With the aim of shaping the knowledge workforce of Oman, AMA International Training Institute (AMAITI) offers the Mechatronics program to those whose career paths lead them to become technical officers, production or maintenance technicians, production technicians and engineers, or design engineers or experts in the area of automation, manufacturing and other related industries, like oil and gas, metal, pharmaceutical and transportation (aviation and marine) and semi-conduction, says a press release.

AMAITI curriculum, developed by AMA and FESTO Didactic, introduces the synergistic combination of mechanical, electronics, electrical, and computer science.

The students or trainees will have a hands-on-experience in utilising the state-of-the-art mechatronics laboratory equipment by FESTO Germany, a worldwide leader in industrial automation and mechatronics technology. Cutting-edge facilities are provided to foster the students’ skills and expertise in Pneumatics, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers, (PLC) senso components, and modular production system among others.

At AMAITI, it is assured that the training go beyond the traditional computer-based instruction since the students’ hands-on experience on the laboratories allows theories to be ap-plied on the actual equipment that is used in industry, providing them the essential skills and technical know-how the employers are looking for.

AMAITI Oman offers modular courses in pneumatics, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers and mechatronics. These programs develop competencies and skills in computer, mechanical, electrical, and electronics and communications through the aid of qualified and competent teachers.


These modular courses intend to:

1. Develop to become expert in the field of mechatronics, who are involved in the design of intelligent systems and products utilizing the combined fields of mechanization and control sensing, actuation and computing.
2. Promote excellence in utilizing modern mechatronics to deal with the requirements of the industry, the government, and the academy.
3. Enhance capabilities in undertaking research, development, and community engagement which could contribute to the industrial development of the country and the world.